Saturday, December 24, 2016


So the Gentle Reader and I have reached Christmas Eve. And tomorrow the Gentle Reader and I will encounter Christmas itself. The Gentle Reader and I have made it this far across the landscape of the year 2016. There is only one more week left in the year 2016 and then it's done. That's it. Just seven more days. Right now, it's Christmas Eve. Soon presents will be unwrapped around the Christmas tree. And there will be stockings hung with care. Though there is no snow on the ground here in Columbus, Ohio it is cold enough for snow to fall. No ice is on the ground after the rain storm yesterday. Yeah, it could've snowed yesterday from all this cold weather, but it didn't. I'm sure there's a scientific reason for all this, but I'm having too much fun celebrating Christmas Eve to figure it all out.
And as I'm lost in thought on Christmas Eve, here are some photos of  Skyler Samuels.

Skyler Samuels and Lucien Laviscount

Skyler Samuels

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