Thursday, December 15, 2016


It's not known where Rindy Ross was born, when she was born nor is it known what her childhood was like.  It's not known what her maiden name was either.  Only her married name was known after she married her spouse Marv Ross.  There were two bands that have the name Pilot.  The first band to have the name Pilot originated from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1973 and the second was formed in Portland, Oregon nearly around the same time.  And needing to change their name due to confusion issues took the name of the band they ended up merging with named Seafood Mama.  Seafood Mama was signed to Wildfire Records in 1980 and released the single Harden my Heart as a single.  The single was such a popular hit that on June 5, 1980, the local Portland, Oregon television station KOIN released a local only hour long television special entitled Seafood Mama in concert.  A quarter flash, three quarters foolish was an Australian slang for new immigrants and the reason for the band's name change.  Quarterflash was signed to Giffen Records and released their debut album including their single Harden My Heart relocated from Wildfire Records to Giffen Records.  October 22, 1981 was the date that the local Portland, Oregon television stations KOIN and KGON broadcast the group's second hour long special Quarterflash in Concert.  The band contributed songs to the soundtracks to the films Night Shift and Fast Times at Richmont High before releasing their second album on 1983 and their third album in 1985.  The group broke up forcing Rindy Ross and Marv Ross to record their fourth album with temporary session musicians in 1991.  Rindy Ross and Marv Ross dropped out of the music industry to promote the Oregon Trail by forming the Trail Band when hired to do so by Oregon Historic Trails Advisory Council.  2008 and 2013 were the years when Rindy Ross and Marv Ross released their fifth and their sixth albums.  Quarterflash continues to record music and tour to support their music at this exact moment of time.

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