Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Is it the start of Spring?  Can we start calling it the end of Winter.  Yeah, I'm starting to wear lighter jackets now.  The heavy coats isn't being used, but is close by in case a Wintertime frost arrives.  The leaves didn't grow back on the trees yet.  I guess a few more months has to pass before that happens.  The sky is grey.  I don't see the clear blue sky anywhere.  Perhaps the clear blue sky is above the clouds.  Maybe.  Perhaps another day will produce the clear blue skies.  But the weather is getting warmer.  At least, the weather is warmer all day today.  Hey, I'll take whatever I could get.  The Gentle Reader and I shall delight when Springtime eventually returns. 
And as I'm lost in thought as Winter slowly evolves into Springtime, here are some photos of Barbara Palvin.

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