Thursday, February 2, 2017


It's too cold to aimlessly walk around trying to figure out that secret meeting place.  It's way too cold for purposeless walking around with no particular agenda in mind.  Perhaps if it's warmer.  Perhaps when it's closer to Summer.  But it's not Summer.  It's not close to Summer.  It's Winter.  Yeah, it's close to the end of Winter and close to the start of Spring.  And yeah, it mostly felt like Spring here in Columbus, Ohio for most of the three month period.  But still, it's Winter.  Winter is a time to spend most of the time indoors.  Winter is a time for purposeful traveling from place to place.  Right now, it's the time to relax indoors while drinking a steaming mug of coffee.  But Summer is coming.  And what fun it will be when Summer arrives.  Who knows what great and amazing adventures will come with the arrival of Summer.
And as I'm lost in thought during the Winter, here are some photos of Bridget Hall.

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