Thursday, February 2, 2017


It's the second month of 2017.  It's the month of February.  And what a glorious month it has the capacity to be.  And yes, it's the month for doing income taxes.  Income taxes isn't so bad for me because I don't normally have to pay much of all.  But still, it's filling out all those income tax forms which can be rather grueling.  It's far better to fill out income tax forms now and get it over with.  Not much else going on except for that.  I'm waiting for Spring.  It's getting closer to Springtime.  February is often either the final month of Winter or at least close to it.  So the freezing cold weather isn't going to be around much longer.  Though it's been such a mild Winter here in Columbus, Ohio that it often feels as if Springtime arrived early.  Still, it would be nice when Spring officially returns to greet us all once again.
And as I'm lost after looking out of the second floor window for a few minutes, here are some photos of Cara Delevingne.

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