Tuesday, February 7, 2017


It's cold outside and it's raining.  It was raining earlier today, then it stopped raining.  However, it started to rain again.  I'm inside looking at the falling rain through the window.  Then I paused for a few minutes.  Upon which, I started to type out this sentence.  I'm waiting for Springtime.  I'm waiting for Summer.  Though I don't mind the Winter.  The Winter has a poetry all it's own.  Perhaps I'll go for a walk tomorrow.  I could walk down the sidewalk and past the individual buildings.  It would be easier to do so when the weather gets warmer.  It would be easier if I had more cash in my wallet.  It's too late at night to consider all of that.  I'm tired and I need to get some sleep.  I'll figure it all out tomorrow.  Ah yes, tomorrow would be a good time for me to figure it all out.  Until then, I'll look out of the window at the falling rain.  It's almost time to finish writing this paragraph.  It's time for me to get some sleep tonight. 
And as I'm lost in thought while not lost in mind, here are some photos of Carla Bruni.


 Brenda Schad and Carla Bruni
 Kate Moss and Carla Bruni
 Carla Bruni



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