Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The daughter of Alejandra and Francisco "Frank" Gomez and of born descended of Mexican immigrants, Rebbeca Marie Gomez aka Becky G was born in Inglewood, California on March 2, 1997 (She's currently twenty years old).  Born in a family of four children, she has two brothers and a sister.  Both of her brothers might be older while her sister was younger than she was.  Wealth wasn't known to her when she was growing up.  When her parents faced impossible levels of debt and not much income to pay it off with, both of her parents moved into their parents (Her grandparents) in hopes of saving money that could've gone to home owning expenses.  She initially attended schooling, but when gangs of girls started to bully her, she dropped out of school and was home schooled by her parents instead.  She worked minimum wage as soon as she was old enough to apply and donated all her wages to supporting the family.  She eventually moved up from minimum wage to doing commercials and voice over work as an actress. 
In 2009, she joined an all girl group called G.L.A.M. and when it broke up, she joined a second all girl band called B.C.G. which also broke up.  In 2010 and at the age of thirteen, the production duo called the Jam helped Becky G. make an audition mix tape of covers which eventually lead to collaborations with Dr. Luke.  The audition mix tape was recorded in 2011 and Dr. Luke signed her to Kemosabe Records (A subdivision of RCA Records) in 2012 which resulted in an EP album in 2013.  Becky G recorded a full length album which is still waiting release.  While waiting for her first full length album release, Becky G. played the role of Trini / Yellow Ranger in the film Power Rangers (The third theatrical film adaptation of the popular television show which premiered on 1993 and is still on the air (The latest Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mini series is entitled Power Rangers:  Ninja Steel.)).  Becky G. continues to record music and she continues to tour to support her music at this exact moment of time.

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