Wednesday, July 5, 2017


It's the fifth of July.  The Fourth of July was yesterday.  And now the party has concluded.  The street carnival has closed down.  The fireworks has become a dust covered relic of the past.  But still, the memories of the Fourth of July 2017 is still fresh in the mind.  The Fourth of July 2017 is still fresh in my heart.  And with the Fourth of July now in the past, now comes the question.  What happens now?  I'm not sure.  I'll find out.  The sun is setting.  Evening is coming.  Dinner is cooking.  The future is always a few seconds away from right now.
And as I'm lost in thought in the Summertime, here are some photos of Nicola Peltz.

 William Peltz and his sister Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz

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