Thursday, July 13, 2017


The rain stopped falling.  No more thunder and lightening.  The sky is still cloudy, but there's more light creeping into the suburbs.  I kind of have mixed feelings about it all.  It was nice to see the rain.  And it's also nice when the rain ended.  Yeah, it's nice to have rain to ensure that there isn't a drought.  Rain is a good way to prevent wildfires.  However, it's far better for rain to fall when I'm asleep.  Still, it rained and life is better for it.  And now that the rain has fallen and now the rain has ended, then comes the question.  What happens next.  I reach for my cell phone as I contemplate the question and it's resulting answer.  The answer will happen eventually.  I only need to wait a bit longer and then the answer will be known.  That's it.  Just wait a bit longer.  Wait a bit further.  Wait a few more seconds.  Keep on waiting.  Tomorrow is always only seconds away from now.
And as I'm lost in thought in the scorching hot Summertime, here are some photos of Zendaya Coleman.

 Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland

 Zendaya Coleman on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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