Thursday, July 6, 2017


Man With the Plan:  I was walking down the street on the Fourth of July and it was fun.  There were fireworks.  There were marching bands.  There were food trucks.  There were parties, games and lots of really fun times.
Me:  The Fourth of July is a fun holiday.  It's used to commemorate the Declaration of Independence.
Man With the Plan:  What's the Declaration of Independence?
Me:  The Declaration of Independence was a document used by the Thirteen Colonies to declare independence and to declare war on the United Kingdom monarch at the time King George III.  You see, King George III was a tyrant and needed to be overthrown by his son the future King George IV.  The only way to do so was to lose a war against the Thirteen Colonies so that the Thirteen Colonies can become the United States of America.
Man With the Plan:  The United States of America used to be known as the Thirteen Colonies?
Me:  That was a long time ago. 
The Man With the Plan:  I must have said something rude.
Me:  Why did you say that?
Man With the Plan:  I showed up at the same exact town square on the Fifth of July and also on the Sixth of July.  There were no fireworks.  There were no parades.  There were no food trucks.  There were no parties, games and it was just another ordinary day.
Me:  The Fourth of July is only once a year.
Man With the Plan:  Oh that's it.  So I didn't say anything rude.
Me:  You didn't say anything rude.
Man With the Plan:  What a relief.  So I should tell a Stranger I Never Met that he's a jerk who acts like Doctor Strangelove as often as possible.
Me:  That's not a good thing to do.  That was rude and insensitive.  But it didn't scare away the Fourth of July Party, but it was a rude thing to say.
Man With the Plan:  Then I need to find the Stranger I Never Met and apologize.
Me:  That would be a good thing to do.
Man With the Plan:  Then I shall get started.
The Man With the Plan walks down the street yelling, "Yoohoo, Stranger I Never Met.  I'm Sorry I called you a jerk who looks like Doctor Strangelove.  Yoohoo.  Where are you.  Come on so I can apologize.  Where are you?  Yoohoo."
Me:  Why do I even bother?
And as I'm lost in thought about being lost in thought as rain falls in the Summertime, here are some photos of Bree Smith.

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