Tuesday, October 16, 2012


When I'm at home, I normally walk around either with bare feet or with bedroom slippers.  The first thing I do when I reach home is to take off my shoes and socks and keep them off unless I need to leave the house again.  I like the feel of the floor on my bare feet.  I always enjoyed walking around barefoot around the house.  Oh yes, I also wear bedroom slippers around the house, but I enjoy walking around the house barefoot just as much.  I don't see any point to wearing shoes and socks inside the house.  There's no need to protect my feet from broken glass since (Hopefully) the floor of my house will be free of such dangerous objects.  And if there were broken glass on the floor of my home, such danger would've been quickly cleaned up.  And so with that in mind, I shall continue to walk around the house barefoot or wearing bedroom slippers.  And I shall continue to do so with a very huge smile on my face.
While I'm lost in thought about walking around barefoot or wearing bedroom slippers, here are some photos of film and television actress Michelle Trachtenberg.





 Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg

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shoesoffplease said...

Theres nothing better than coming home and taking off your shoes and socks and putting your slippers on.We are a shoes off house and my partner and i change into slippers as soon as we get in. I have tried to get her to wear her slippers without socks, even bought her a soft luxurious pair of sheepskin slippers. Its all to no avail.