Friday, June 13, 2014


Do you remember wen I was talking about that luxury house that it's perched on a cliff that's a mere 75 feet above Lake Whitney in Whitney, Texas.  Most of the backyard fell off the cliff and into Lake Whitney.  All that money having been spent purchasing the house and now it's all gone to having purchased a valuable slice of mid-air. 

 Well, the world worst week for real estate is about to take a horrible turn for the worst.
 To prevent the rest of the luxury home from falling into Lake Whitney and endangering fish and other forms of marine life,
 It has become necessary to...
 ...Set the poor afflicted luxury mansion...
 ...On fire on purpose and watch it all burn to non-existence.
All that money having been spent on the luxury house and the land it's standing on would take an average person a lifetime trying to afford.  And now it's all been wasted on a burned up non-existent house and land that's mostly been rendered a valuable slice of mid-air real estate.  All that money wasted on the now burned up house and land that mostly fallen into Lake Whitney will never be restored ever again.  That money is now gone for good.  This is something that can't be sold on the real estate agent.  No real estate company will step near this financial albatross with a ten foot pole.  Gosh darn the bad luck. 

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