Thursday, June 12, 2014


It turns out that the Britney Spears music video to her song Outrageous isn't the only incomplete music video.  We all have seen the music video to her song Gimme More.  Essentially, Britney Spears and her girlfriends are dressed like hookers while spinning around a hooker pole at a porn stripping joint.  Well, that turned out to be the only complete scene of what was supposed to be a more complicated music video.  To be more exact, the stripper pole scene was only supposed to be seen briefly in the four minute long music video.

 The actual plot for the Gimme More music video was this guy below and his quest to victimize and kill multiple versions of Britney Spears.  His role was pared down to a much smaller role than was originally scripted.

 Most people who are in the know believe that this was supposed to be a set design for the four minute long Gimme More music video.  It starts off in a church at a funeral.  Everybody was gloomy and depressed with their gazed downwards except for Funeral Britney.  Only Funeral Britney is looking upwards because she's cool, hip and stylish.

 More deleted scenes from the Gimme More music video.  Funeral Britney walks away from the church following the funeral.  Funeral Britney was going to commerate the death of her buddy by getting wasted at a porn strip bar and spinning around a hooker pole.

 Funeral Britney magically switches outfits to another dark, but still slutty looking outfit.  Second Funeral Britney is attacked by the Girl Hating Victimizer only to be revealed as a fake.  The Girl Hating Victimizer drinks alcohol while watches Hooker Stripper Pole Britney spinning around a hooker pole in a porn strip joint.  Hooker Stripper Pole Britney is kidnapped by Kidnapping Britney.  Kidnapping Britney murders Hooker Stripper Pole Britney.  However, that also turns out to be a fake.  Kidnapping Britney turns out to be a fake.  The coffin being buried in the funeral turns out to be empty because the dead body in question hasn't died yet.  And as of the Multiple Dead Britneys, only the First Funeral Britney was genuine and she watches it all from the safety of her bedroom of a secretly concealed bedroom of her secretly concealed apartment.  The following is a deleted scene possibly from that portion of the Gimme More music video.

  Urban legend claims that Britney Spears refused to follow the scripted, spun around on the pole, filmed two more scenes before walking off the set----Never to return to complete the music video shoot.  Other sources claim that Jive Records shot down the entire script---Except for the stripper pole scene featuring Stripper Pole Britney without Britney Spears even knowing about it.  Whatever the case may be, the directors cut edition of the Britney Spears music video Gimme More may never see the light of day.  The missing directors cut edition of the Britney Spears music video Gimme More was filmed and severely altered only a few months beyond the scrapping of the incomplete and never released Britney Spears album Original Doll (Which was supposed to be released between her album In the Zone and her album The Blackout).  To this day, there are lots of paranoid conspiracy theories about why Jive Records, her parent managers Jamie Spears and Lynn Spears were so determined to scrap both the incomplete and never released Original Doll album as well as the directors cut edition of Gimme More.

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