Friday, June 27, 2014


Maybe I should've taken music lessons more seriously.  Maybe I should've learned to sing on key with more committed zeal.  Maybe I should've taken tennis lessons more seriously.  Yeah, I could make a huge list of regrets that would last for pages and pages.  That doesn't change much.  I'm still alive and breathing.  I can't put my life in pause simply I may have made a misstep at one point of my life.  Simply learn from my mistake and aspire not to make such mistakes in the future.  With luck, I'll learn to be a better person by not making such mistakes in the future.  The ability to learn from previous mistakes is the one trait that self improvement possible.  Right now, it's Friday and the weekend has started.  The weekend is as good a time as any to aspire to make myself a better person. 
And as I'm lost in thought late at night and moving closer towards morning, here are some photos of Emma Roberts.

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