Monday, June 30, 2014


So today is the day that Paris Hilton stopped dressing like Paris Hilton and started dressing like Lady Gaga instead.
I'm not sure what happened.  Either going in disguise as Lady Gaga only works if there isn't any Lady Gaga fans out there to pull the wig off or Paris Hilton only dressed like Lady Gaga for a music video shoot.  Whatever the case may be, Paris Hilton vanished into the crowd for a few hours.  And when she was spotted again, Paris Hilton was wearing more clothes instead of either lingerie or swimming suit bikini set.  More important was the fact that Paris Hilton looked much more like Paris Hilton this time.  Night kept the daylight away as Paris Hilton made her way down the crowded city streets without a care in the world.  If she had a previous life, then she would've owned the world and she certainly owns this world too.  And she has the right to think that way because her Great Grandfather Conrad founded the Hilton Hotel Chain that the billionaire debutante socialite was named after. 

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