Sunday, June 8, 2014


And let's assume that travel to an alternate reality was possible.  Yeah, I know the concept of alternate realities is far fetched at best, but suppose alternate realities were possible.  The same person living the same exact life.  But each time that existence is lived, it ends up taking a radically different path and never the same path twice.  The same person but an infinite different paths heading off into completely different directions.  To say that a person is locked in a rigid life destiny is crazy talk when there are a vast variety of alternative directions to be embarking on instead.  The genuine truth is that the future is still being written.  There is still hope for a brighter future when you look at it that way.  Hey, what can I say.  I'm a very optimistic person. 
And as I'm lost in thought as I surf the Internet late at night, here are some photos of Emma Roberts.

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