Sunday, June 29, 2014


It isn't known the exact date that Sarah Borges was born nor is it known what schools she attended.  All that is known was that she was born south of Boston, Massachusettes in a suburban town of Taunton.  She grew up with a love of country music and blended it with punk rock too.  It was her 2004 performance during the South by Southwest Festival that got her a record deal.  Sarah Borges' debut album was released in 2005.  Switching from Blue Corn Music Records to Sugar Hill Records, she released her second album in 2007, her third album in 2009 and her fourth album in 2010.  Swiching to Modern Trick Records, Sarah released her latest album in 2013.  She's enjoying the married life with guitar player Lyle Brewer when she isn't recording music and touring to support her music (Which she's doing on this exact moment of time).

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