Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The pet dogs Elaina Baina and Calliope are going nuts with the barking.  The lawnmowers are mowing the grassy field behind the house.  A few suburban houses were supposed to be built there.  Fire hydrants, storm drains and manholes were built with the anticipation of suburban houses being built.  But then money ran out and the grassy field was put up for sale---Until recently when somebody must've purchased it.  And the grassy field is still being mowed, but not being paid for by the Real Estate Company, but by whoever purchased the grassy field behind the house.  And for what?  To build suburban houses?  To build a school?  To build a few stores.  To remain a grassy field.  I'm not sure who purchased the grassy field behind the house and for what purpose.  I'm hoping that the grassy field behind the house will remain a grassy field.  And with the grassy field behind the house having been mowed, it's hope that the weed population---Dandelions included, will be reduced in number so that normal plants won't be over crowded by the abnormal unnatural weeds---Dandelions included.  Yeah, dandelion plants are pretty to look at, but must still be chopped up by the blades of the lawn mower anyway regardless of my feelings of the dandelion plant's prettiness.
And as I'm lost in thought about lawn mowers chopping down the dandelion weeds, here are some photos of Kaley Cuoco.

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