Monday, June 2, 2014


Victoria Adams married professional soccer player (They confusingly call it football over there in England for some weird reason) named David Beckham.  Renamed by marriage as Victoria Beckham, she produced four children---Three sons and a daughter.  Victoria Beckham's son Brooklyn Beckham is the oldest of four children that she gave birth to.
 Brooklyn Beckham has found true love when he started to date Hollywood actress Chloë Grace Moretz.
 The love that Brooklyn Beckham feels for Chloë Grace Moretz is deep, passionate and genuine.
 The romance that's brewing between Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz could even lead to marriage.  And you could feel the romantic sparks flying between the two of them as they went skateboarding together on a recent hot summer afternoon.
 And in her heart, Chloe Grace Moretz was convinced that the love she feels for Brooklyn Beckham could survive the test of time.
 Oh yeah, Chloe Grace Moetz fell in love countless times in the past.  However, all of her previous romances always fell apart for some reason or another.
 And her previous attempts at romance made Chloe Grace Moretz feel like throwing up.
 And when her cell phone signal kept getting blocked,
 Her inability to bail out of a really bad romantic date made her want to reach for the handgun she always kept in her purse.
The romance that Chloe Grace Moretz feels for Brooklyn Beckham doesn't fit that description.

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