Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Chyler Leigh is Hollywood's best kept secret.  She mostly works for television with the occasional made for television film.  Sadly, Chyler Leigh has rarely done theatrical motion picture films.  She played Claire Wyatt for ten episodes in the Practice.  She played Carla Noll in the television series Reunion (Canceled before it's season one storyline (Each episode is a year in a close knit cliché's existence and it took place within the span of twenty-two years, but canceled after only thirteen episode (Translates into only thirteen years)) could be finished).

 Chyler Leigh played Dr. Lexie Gray on the television series Grey's Anatomy for one hundred and thirteen episodes before her character was killed off in a helicopter crash.  She was both a blonde and a brunette on that television show.

The doomed ill fated romance between Eric Dane as Doctor Mark Sloan and Chyler Leigh as Doctor Lexie Grey on Grey's Anatomy.  You know that Doctor Mark Sloan wasn't going to survive the Grey's Anatomy episode Remember the Time because his girlfriend Doctor Lexie Grey died from the helicopter crash injuries first before he succumbed to the same fate (As far as Grey's Anatomy Executive Producer Shondra Rimes was concerned, sending them both off to Europe wasn't cool enough.  It was necessary to have them both killed off instead).

 Now Chyler Leigh is playing Detective Cat Sullivan---A police officer who loses her drivers license because she kept wrecking police cars (She probably can't even ride a bike without crashing it into something).  So her police officer character hires a taxi cab to drive her around from crime scene to crime scene in the brand new television show Taxi Brooklyn.  The cab driver, Leo Romba (Played by Jackie Ido) is not a police officer, but agreed to the unusual arrangement in order to convince her to prove that he was framed for a crime he didn't do and ended up being a cab driving consultant to the police department (In other words, he got a private investigators license with the police department as his only client).    

And though it's safe to assume that Chyler Leigh will never again get the chance to return to Grey's Anatomy, she's hoping that Taxi Brooklyn will become a blockbuster smash hit for the next decade or so.  And that was the day Chyler Leigh traded in her doctors coat and stethoscope for a police officer badge and a police department issued handgun.

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