Saturday, June 21, 2014


I'm exhausted Gentle Reader.  That's no surprise since night has replaced the day.  And as the night closes the longest day of the year on the Summer Solstice, the need to get some sleep has come.  So I'll get ready for bed after I surf the Internet for a tiny bit.  I got a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I'll need to be properly rested for tomorrow.  Today is done and will soon be in the past.  Tomorrow will soon be the present.  And so time continues it's slow steady march towards the future.  And the future holds no guarantees.  I never believed in predestination.  The future is a blank page.  The future is what you make of it.  A positive and hopeful future are for those who believe in themselves.
And as I'm lost in thought as exhaustion overtakes me, here are some photos of Miranda Kerr.

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