Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's been almost two months since Kaley Cuoco last been to the Hair Salon.  And the hair that she had trimmed had grown out back to it's original length.  So naturally, it was time for Kaley Cuoco to visit the hair salon a second time. 
 Kaley sat on the barber chair.  One last chance for Kaley to look at her hair before getting herself a haircut.  One last chance to back out and she never gave herself the chance.  It's now or never. 
Kaley said with confidence, "One haircut please.  Just like the one I got last month on April."
The Hair Salon Barber went to work with Kaley's hair with a pair of scissors.
All done.  Kaley's hair was exactly the way it looked like way back in April.  So it's done.  Pay the Hair Salon Barber and it's done.  But she didn't budge from her chair. 
Kaley said, "My hair is still much too long.  I would like more of my hair cut off."
  And that was the day that Kaley Cuoco got herself a brand new pixie gamine haircut.  Kaley Cuoco loved her brand new pixie gamine haircut.  She looks cooler and more sophisticated than ever before.
Kaley Cuoco paid the Hair Salon Barber and walked out of the Hair Salon with a wide enthusiastic smile on her face.

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