Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Emma Stone was born under the name Emily Jean Stone in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 6, 1988.  Originally, the family name was Sten, but it was changed to Stone due to anti-German hysteria when the family immigrated to the United States of America.  Emily Stone's father, Jeff Stone, founded and was the Chief Executive Officer of a general-contracting company and co-owner of the Camelback Golf Club.  Her Mother, Krista Stone, was both a housewife and co-owner of the Camel Back Golf Club.  She was the oldest of two children with her brother Spenser Stone being younger by two years.  Originally growing up in a standard suburban house, the family relocated to the CamelBack Inn Resort when she was twelve years old and the family never moved out of the hotel room as a replacement residence.   
Originally liking school, Emily Stone attended Sequoya Elementary,  Cocopah Middle School, homeschooled for two years then finally an all-female private Catholic Xavier College Preparatory High School for only one year.  She convinced her parents to let her drop out of school with a power point slide show with the Madonna Ciccone song Hollywood as the soundtrack.  From there, she used the time she gained from dropping out of school to become an actress.  However, since the Screen Actors Guild won't let two registered actors or actresses with the same name at the same time, Emily Stone needed to change her Screen Actors Guild registered name.  So Emily Stone changed her name to her stage name of Emma Stone.
Emma Stone's newfound career in Hollywood wasn't successful at first.  Winning the role of the Second Incarnation of Laura Partridge in the 2004 VH1 reality television talent competition game show In Search of the New Partridge Family resulted in the television series the New Partridge Family (Which sadly never got sold and died in early death in the five network (CBS, NBC, ABC, CW and FOX) decision making stage).  Still she won a reality television talent competition game show even though the promised prize was never delivered to her.  She played Violet Trimble in the television series Drive (Which was canceled after seven episodes).  After roles in movies such as her debut acting role in Superbad and other acting roles in films like the House Bunny and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Emma Stone shot to fame in film roles like Zombieland and Easy A.  Emma Stone's most recent acting role was as the second incarnation of the doomed tragic ill fated Gwen Stacey in the Amazing Spiderman and the Amazing Spiderman 2 (Weird choice in film numbering since it was actually the fifth installment of the Spiderman film series).  Emma Stone continues to act in Hollywood film productions at this exact moment of time. 


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