Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Farmville and solitare (And assorted variations) are the only video games that I ever indulged in.  Anything beyond that requires the purchase of an expensive game playing system (Which would likely become outdated rather quickly) and the purchase of video games to play on them.  And then the time needed to become an expert on each and every level.  And with the need to go job hunting and repay my college tuition loans, I don't have time to perfect each and every video game level.  However, I have no problem playing board games someday with the company of friends and family.  Board games has always been much cheaper to purchase and much easier to use in a group setting.  Yes, I've seen video games being played in a group setting too, but most of the people that I tend to hang out with never seem to brag about that (Or they once did, but not anymore). 
And as I'm lost in thought about video games and board games, here are some photos of Rachel Bilson. 

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