Thursday, July 25, 2013


The sky above me is blue again.  I honestly don't see a cloud anywhere.  Not that I'm expecting clouds, but it was cloudy with the chance for rain for most of this week.  The nearby corn fields is soaked in rain and I'm not sure how machines was going to harvest the corn with that much water submerging the corn like that.  Anyway, the clouds are gone.  The vanished clouds took the rain along with it.  It might get hot again eventually either today or tomorrow.  But I'm sure the scorching hot weather will return to greet the Gentle Reader and I.  I have no doubt of that fact.  At any rate, it's Summer and I'm going to enjoy the Summer weather for however long that it's going to be here.  Summer isn't always available and it's a lot of fun on the days that Summer is available.
And as I'm lost in thought on a hot scorching Thursday morning near the end of July, here are some photos of the following celebrities. 
Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart and Sara Sampaio



Sara Sampaio




Jessica Hart

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