Thursday, July 11, 2013


There once was a time when Amanda Bynes looked normal.  There once was a time when Amanda Bynes dressed normally.  She did the television shows The Amanda Show and What I like About You and she did the films What a Girl Wants, Love Wrecked, Sydney White and Easy A.  She was take on adult roles and perhaps win an Academy Award as a variation of Natalie Portman. 



Then Amanda Bynes retired from acting in films before she could graduate to adult film roles.  And then she started to post weird tweet posts (She later claimed that somebody posing as her posted those weird tweets instead, but she kept making weird tweets anyway).  Then she got arrested for tossing a lit bong full of marijuana out of the window (She later claimed that she was framed by a sexually harassing cop and the broken glass directly below her apartment window didn't look like a broken bong, but was a broken drinking glass instead.).  And then came the mug shots.  One of the mug shots was with a wig and the other mug shots had her pixie gamine hairstyle.  Not wanting a pixie gamine hairstyle and not wanting to regrow her hair again, Amanda Bynes chose to wear a third wig over her head for her first day in the courtroom (For drug possession, resisting arrest and tampering with evidence (She tossed a lit bong full of marijuana out of the window).  The guy walking alongside Amanda Bynes probably is employed as her lawyer.

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