Friday, July 26, 2013


It's bad enough that she was arrested for drunk driving.  It's bad enough that she got arrested for tossing a bong out of a window.  It's bad enough that Ashley Benson is dressing up as Amanda Bynes to make fun of Amanda on her twitter feed (Ashley Benson eventually apologized for the joke).
Now Amanda Bynes has been arrested again.  This time in Thousand Oaks, California---A suburb of  Los Angeles, California where she barged into a Retirement Home for senior citizens hoping to rent a room.  And when she was refused, she got irritated and combative.  She was called a taxi cab by the Retirement Home supervisor upon which she was quickly kicked out of the taxi cab because Amanda didn't have money on her at the time (How much money did she make per film, how expensive are her lawyers, how expensive are the people she hired to put a media spin on her troubled antics and she didn't have any money?  Come on Amanda, reach into the purse for the checking account, credit card or ATM card and pull out some cash).  She returned to the Retirement Home and was arrested for tresspassing.  And that's before she was arrested again for building a campfire in the driveway of an Senior Citizen Woman's house.  Amanda Bynes doesn't have anything against senior citizens nor was she waging a fued against the Senior Citizen Woman she built a campire (Complete with a filled up bright red gasoline can) on the driveway of.
The Senior Citizen Woman in question will be sueing Amanda Bynes for a brand new driveway to be poured on or the cost to scrub all those campfire burn markes scrubbed off with soap, water and a scrubbing brush (Whichever comes first).  Well, Amanda Bynes didn't have any money in her purse to get herself a taxi cab, but she had enough money in her purse to go shopping for clothes.  She can start by purchasing either some pants or a skirt to be worn right away (Though Amanda looks really cute and adorable in her nightgown outfit).
Former film and television actress Amanda Bynes is currently being hospitalized in a lunatic asylum where she's either claiming that she's being framed by a paranoid conspiracy or she's innocent by reason of legal insanity (Whichever makes her look better in the opinion of her fan club community).


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