Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The films Captain America: Winter Soldier and Draft Day has ended their film shoots last month.  The movies in question has packed up and gone away.  Comic book Super-Heroes and comic book super-villains no longer walk the streets of Cleveland, Ohio in their colorful action costumes.  The only Cleveland Browns Football Players who walk the streets of Cleveland, Ohio are actual Cleveland Browns Football Players. 
Well, it's over. It's finished. It's done. The filmmakers who were filming the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier has finished their Cleveland, Ohio film shoot and they all returned home to Los Angeles, California. The cameras were put away. The equipment has been moved back to Hollywood. And for the month of June, Cleveland, Ohio got a brief look at what Hollywood, California stages it's film productions. But the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier has filmed all the scenes it was supposed to film in Cleveland, Ohio and now it's time to edit and get the film ready to be released Summer 2014. It was nice to have a little bit of Hollywood magic grace the city of Cleveland, Ohio. And all of us enjoyed the moment with happiness and pleasure. Someday Hollywood will film another movie in Cleveland, Ohio. Until then, the Gentle Reader and I will see them all at the movies.
And as I'm lost in thought about filmmaking in Cleveland, Ohio, here are some photos of Ashley Scott dressed up as Paula Brooks aka Helena Wayne (The Daughter of Bruce Wayne) aka Helena Bertinelli aka Helena Kyle (The Daughter of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman) from the Batman comic book series and the short lived Birds of Prey television series.

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