Thursday, July 25, 2013


The only video games I'm able to do right now are Facebook games.  I don't have any Xbox video games units or anything.  And I usually do Facebook games whenever I have enough free time to indulge in such entertainment.  I do have other activities to engage in aside from Facebook and Internet blogging.  I also love to figure out jigsaw puzzles.  And there's this jigsaw puzzle with a winter time theme that I'm figuring out in the final weeks of July.  And with the polar ice caps melting and global warming being ignored by conservatives who would rather wait until it's too late to save humanity before jumping on the polar ice caps saving band wagon (Because the Holy Bible told them so.  It's not in the Book of Revelations and I'd rather that part of the Holy Bible be thrown out just for that reason alone).  Sorry, I got lost on a tangent.  I was talking about computer games on Facebook and I ended up talking about that.  Oh yeah, jigsaw puzzles with a Winter theme.  I enjoy figuring out jigsaw puzzles and the jig saw puzzle that I'm working on has a Winter theme. 
And as I'm lost in thought while looking at the computer screen, here are some photos of Piper Perabo.

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