Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's a few hours into night.  Today is now past tense and tomorrow is about to become the present.  Soon today will be the past, tomorrow will be the present and the day after tomorrow will become tomorrow.  And soon, even that will shift towards the past tense.  Time continues to move forward.  And while the Gentle Reader may want a certain period of time to be frozen in mid-motion, both the Gentle Reader and I know that's impossible.  There is no such things as life without evolution and change.  Nobody stays the same forever.  Some people evolve for the best over time.  Some people get worse over time too.  And it's the hope for both the Gentle Reader and I that evolution towards the best becomes the norm and self destruction simply never happens.  It's within the capacity for the Gentle Reader and I to strive to be the absolute best that life has to offer.  And if the Gentle Reader and I should ever fall short, the blame falls only upon the Gentle Reader and I.  Because no matter the temptation to slide into self destruction may be, it's always within the capacity for the Gentle Reader and myself to take the best path and avoid temptation to hurt people with evil and wickedness.  And the freedom to know the difference between good and evil isn't a curse, but it's the greatest gift that GOD could ever bestow upon us all.
And as I'm lost in thought under the stars and the moonlight, here are some photos of Jessica Alba posing for Net-A-Porter Magazine.

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