Monday, April 22, 2013


Is it really over?  Let's see, I'm forty-five (45) years old and I'm in good health.  I never committed any crimes.  I don't live in dangerous cities or neighborhoods.  I'm not employed by any career that's considered dangerous or life threatening.  I don't engage in dangerous sports.  I have a drivers license, but I never actually get to use it.  I'm normally careful when riding a bike.  I don't have out with dangerous acting people.  I don't use drugs.  I rarely drink alcohol.  With all that taken under consideration, it's not over.  I'm going to turn one hundred (100) years old on 2068.  That's exactly fifty-five (55) years from now.  So I have exactly fifty-five (55) years left in me.  So it's not over.  Yes, it's true that I almost reached the halfway point on my life, but the story isn't even remotely close to being done.  I got a great deal more exciting adventures to engage in.
And as I'm lost in thought while traveling down the long winding road of life, here are some photos of actress Jessica Biel.

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