Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Lindsay Lohan clearly loves to wear John John jeans because she traveled all the way to São Paulo, Brazil (The city where the Brazilian based corporation has it's headquarters located in) to promote the garmet.  John John jeans can be worn by both men and by women too.  You can wear John John jeans to the club to relax the night away.

You can wear John John jeans to the tattoo parlor when getting your next tattoo.

You can even wear John John jeans when starting a rock band in your quest to become a rock star.

Sadly, John John stores are only located in South America and nowhere else beyond that.  However, the next time you're on vacation to South America, be sure to drop by the nearby John John store to purchase your next pair of blue jeans.  Trust me that you'll be glad that you made the purchase.

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