Friday, April 12, 2013


I know this sounds weird, but I'm not sure how to spell the word Additional.  Thankfully, the spellcheck function for showed me the correct way to spell the word Additional so everything is right with the world again.  It might rain again today.  It already rained yesterday late afternoon and evening and this morning.  It might rain yet again.  I thought rain could be avoided despite rain being predicted for almost the entire week.  I guess I was proved wrong.  And so rain has fallen much to the delight of ducks, fish and plants.  And the chances for a drought as been avoided---At least for now.  This week started out dry, but it ended up both wet and soggy.  I got my umbrella in case more rain starts to fall.  It's better to be prepared even if rain doesn't fall.  Having a backup plan (Such as an umbrella) means that I'm prepared for anything no matter where it might lead me.
And as I'm lost in thought in the pouring rain, here are some photos of actress Mena Suvari.

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