Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Rock Star Billy Joel aka the Piano Man hired a bodyguard for his aspiring rock star daughter Alexa Ray Joel.  Trouble began when Alexa Ray Joel started to get disturbing messages through Facebook.  Her famous rock star father Billy Joel hired a private detective (Who also worked for Beatles lead singer Paul McCartney) to seek out the source of the disturbing e-mails.  The Private Detective found the female against female stalker Sheryl Finley stark naked in the forest in Austin, Minnesota.  A forty year old woman named Sheryl Finley started stalking another woman Alexa Ray Joel with Facebook messages that, according to court records, had "pedophilia, sadistic sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder."  The disturbing rape, sexual assault and death porn images that Sheryl Finley sent to Alexa Ray Joel wasn't the sort of things Sheryl Finley wanted to do in a lesbian woman against woman sort of way "In this lifetime".  It sounded as if Sheryl Finley believed that both she and Alexa Ray Joel had the super-powered ability of reincarnation and that she would lesbian rape, lesbian sexual assault and lesbian death porn attack Alexa Ray Joel in her second incarnation.  It also sounded as if Sheryl Finley believed that she had the super-powered ability of reincarnation regeneration and she's sharing such abilities with Alexa Ray Joel. 
At least sixty of such messages was sent through Facebook before Billy Joel started to take legal action against Sheryl Finley for illegal acts of stalking.  According to http://www.inquisitr.com/619586/billy-joels-daughter-stalker-sheryl-finley-2013/, it was criminal charges of false impersonation, and with a gross misdemeanor for stalking via repeated electronic messages.  Believing that sending lesbian death porn threats against Alexa Ray Joel was something that Alexa Ray Joel always wanted to indulge in, Sheryl Finley (Who previously spent time in a mental institution) plead innocent of all the criminal charges.  Criminal courtroom trial starts on May 3, 2013.
 Oh yes, there are serious legal and other forms of dire consequences when stalking a celebrity (And their children) are concerned.  Claiming to be a soulmate with a celebrity without proof and the celebrity in question refuses to go along with your claim can results in a criminal warrent for your arrest.  Getting a restraining order filed against Sheryl Finley is the least of her troubles now.
Billy Joel, his daughter Alexa Ray Joel and his ex-wife Christie Brinkley
Alexa Ray Joel and her famous fashion model mother Christie Brinkley

 Alexa Ray Joel and her father Billy Joel

 Alexa Ray Joel



Alexa Ray Joel and her publicist Claire Mercuri
More photos of Alexa Ray Joel

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