Monday, April 15, 2013


Aubrey Plaza used to be best friends with Will Ferrell.  And with just a few weeks ago, Aubrey Plaza and Will Ferrell went nightclubbing together with Amy Poehler along for the ride.  And Aubrey Plaza and Will Ferrell appeared to be friendly and approachable at the time. 
But I guess things change.  People change.  And Aubrey Plaza felt that she was pushed to beyond the breaking point when Will Ferrell won Comedic Genius prize at the MTV Movie Awards last night.  And Aubrey Plaza hurt that Will Ferrell won the Comedic Genius prize at the MTV Movie Awards instead of her winning the award that she jumped on stage halfway through Will Ferrell's acceptance speech to grab the award from his hands.  I guess that makes Aubrey Plaza is a sore loser.

Stay tuned as the knock down drag out feud to the death between Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza continues to escalate out of control.  She had the word # To Do List written above her breasts and she was later escorted out by MTV security.  She spilled the drink she was carrying.  She was barefoot and silent the entire struggle.

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