Saturday, April 13, 2013


Where would the Gentle Reader and I be without light bulbs.  The Gentle Reader and I would be lighting candles.  The Gentle Reader and I would either be making candles or purchasing new candles when the old candles ran out.  I'm pretty certain the United States of America government could survive the loss of electricity.  It would be a return to an Amish type of lifestyle, but it won't be anything to apocalyptic.  However, gasoline is a non-renewable energy source.  Sooner or later, the human race will run out of gasoline.  And what will happen when all the gasoline ran out?  I'm not sure.  With luck, an alternative to gasoline will be found so that such a possiblity won't need to happen.  The human race will need to create and use an alternative to gasoline sooner or later.
And as I'm lost in thought about gasoline and light bulbs, here are some photos of actress Keri Russell.

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