Sunday, April 28, 2013


And so the Gentle Reader and I wait patienly for the rain to fall.  And perhaps the rain will fall.  And perhaps the rain won't fall.  The only thing the weather reports have said is that it might rain, but nobody knows when, where or how long.  The weathe reports simply say to have an umbrella handy if it's in the agenda to step outside for a while (Longer than a mere handful of minutes).  But still, an umbrella isn't really that heavy.  And an umbrella is a handy tool to have around and can be used for a wide variety of uses beyond needing to keep the rain away.  And so I welcome the rain for the brief time that it's available for us all to enjoy.  Keep in mind that there are drought stricken areas of the United States (And other countries too) that wishes that rain was available.
And as I'm lost in thought in the pouring rain, here are some photos of Hilary Duff.

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