Saturday, April 27, 2013


As much as I would try to deny it, the passage of time is unstoppable.  I'll be fifty-two (52) on the year 2020.  I'll be sixty-two (62) years old on the year 2030.  I'll be seventy-two (72) years old on the year 2040.  I'll be eighty-two (82) years old on the year 2050.  I'll be ninety-two (92) years old on the year 2060.  I'll be one hundred (100) years old on the year 2068.  And I needed a calculator to figure it all out because math is hard.  I'm forty-four years old right now.  But I'm only fifty-five years away from turning one hundred years old.  My life is almost halfway finished with.  Still, I could accomplish a lot of good within fifty-five years old if I chose to do so.  There's still lots of potential to help out a lot of people in a positive manner.  The future is a blank slate and I can fill it up with lots of positive good will.  And even if all the age appropriate women are going to menopause out fifteen years from now and I'm still nowhere close to getting married (Plus I'm still a virgin), life without  a steady girlfriend is something I'm slowly coming to grips with.
And as I'm lost in thought under the moon and the stars, here are some photos of the following celebrities.
Hayley Atwell

Cobie Smulders

Emily VanCamp


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