Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J performed a rock concert before a large mass of adoring fans.  She filled her fans lives with music while making lots of money in the process.  But really, it was mostly to entertain her fans and fill their lives with music that's the primary driving force.

  Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J's agent called.  Jessie J is needed to perform on the English version of the Voice (Which has a different team of judges than the United States version of the Voice).  And so she put on her favorite little black dress to perform on the British version of the reality television game show series the Voice.

 Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J and Black Eye Peas rock band member Will.I.Am are really close friends with each other.

 Danny O'Donoghue, Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J and Will.i.am are the judgeing panel for the Voice UKThe Voice UK premiered last year in 2012 and the second season starts this year.

Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J gets bored sitting around the house waiting for some huge event that's clearly never going to arrive to eventually get the nerve to show up.  Jessie J would rather jump right in and make something happen.  So she hit the nightclubs and the restaurants looking for something fun and exciting to happen.

 Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J loves a good charity fund raiser.  And when the British Broadcasting Corporation aka the BBC launched the Comic Relief Charity Fundraiser, Jessie J waisted no time to participate in the two hour and fifty minute long charity fundraiser event along with lots of other famous British born celebrities.

 Then one day, Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J woke up and looked at herself in the mirror.  And she discovered that she didn't want to have long black hair anymore.  So she shaved off every strand of hair on her head.  And now Jessie J is bald.

 A tiny bit of her hair grew back and it turned out that she wasn't really a brunette after all.  It turned out that Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J was a natural bleach blonde the whole entire time.  You could tell because the peach fuzz on top of her head is a natural bleach blonde color.

 The ongoing adventures of Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J continues.   Stay tuned.

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