Friday, April 12, 2013


For those who normally would blow their allowance on comic books and wave such comic books in front of the faces of the girls they are dating, the existence of a television show based on the comic book series Green Arrow entitled Arrow was a moment for enthusiasm.  Arrow is essentially a cross between Batman, Lost, Gossip Girl, Revenge and Smallville in equal portions.  And in Season One, Episode Twenty entitled Home Invasion, Oliver Queen (Originated by Justin Hartley in the television series Smallville and taken over by Stephen Amell in Arrow) has an African-American sidekick (Not in the comic books though) named  John Diggle.  John Diggle is obsessed with killing Deadshot (A comic book character played by an actual human being and not as a cartoon) for the death of his brother (One more time, repeat after me, this time it's personal.  Then again, isn't it always personal?).  The District Attorney and the Police (Of course) won't do anything to take a life wrecking piece of scum off the street (What else is new).  Vigilantee justice is needed to do the work the District Attorney and the Police refuses to do on their own to murder scum before they wreck anymore lives (In other words, it's business as usual).  Bad District Attorney.  Bad Police.  It's time for Good John Diggle to grab a gun and hit the street as vigilantes.

Meanwhile, Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow helps the police solve a murder without his colorful action costume super-suit on.  It's awkward because the investigating officer Detective Quentin Lance is (In the comic books at least) his future Father-In-Law and he hates Oliver Queen (Show me an action film and I'll show you a Chief of Police or an Investigating Officer who's always a fool blocking the vigilante hero's pursuit for justice).
Future sworn arch enemy Tommy Merlin is about to suffer a nervous breakdown because Oliver Queen's insistence on solving this crime is driving him insane (Tommy Merlin's problem in Arrow is the same is Lex Luthero's problem in Smallville---The guy is wound up a little bit too tightly.  He needs to relax a little bit more instead of always finding persecution in everything that Oliver Queen does---Regardless of the intent both positive and more positive and sometimes a tiny bit of negative (Always blown out of proportion).

Meanwhile, in a Lost style flashbacks, Oliver Queen falls in love with Shado---The future mother of his son Connor Hawke...

Much to the delight of the Teen Titans sworn arch enemy (A normal human being former army soldier turned mercenary) named Deathstroke.  Could this be building up to a John Connor type of moment later on in the future?
 Meanwhile John Diggle finally found Deadshot---Or rather Deadshot found John Diggle and wants to make him his future murder target.  Bad District Attorney.  Bad Police.  You could've stopped Deadshot, but refused to do so.  Now John Diggle is in distress and needs Green Arrow to save him.  Good Green Arrow the Vigilante---You might save John Diggle in time---Perhaps.

This story will be continued tomorrow...

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