Friday, April 19, 2013


The weather was great yesterday.  It was close to eighty and it felt like Summer.  I wore a short sleeved shirt effortlessly.  And now the weather dropped to close to forty degrees today and now wearing a short sleeved shirt is out of place.  I'm sure the weather will rise back to eighty degrees eventually.  Though it might take a while, I'm very patient.  At any rate, it's Springtime and I doubt that Winter will return anytime soon before December 2013.  If snow does return before December 2013, I'll be very surprised.  The day is over and night has taken over.  Morning shall return a few hours from now.  The sun has been replaced by the moon and the stars.  And it's a pleasent night (despite the forty degree tempreture).  I just ate dinner and soon it will be time for bed.  But first, late night television and some Internet surfing.
And as I'm lost in thought while surfing the Internet, here are some photos of actress Rebecca Hall.

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