Friday, April 19, 2013


But first, actress Estella Warren needs some much needed exercise to keep her body in shape....

 ...Before she goes out to dinner at her favorite restaurant.
 Oh yes, Estella Warren wants you to know that Sprint PCS phones are the best telecommunication devices ever made by anybody.

Black tie gallas isn't as easy as it looks, but it's just as much a necessary part of the life of a major league Hollywood actress.  And though claiming to have the super-powered ability to remote control Hollywood from a distance while still working minimum wage may be nice, it's much better to be actually invited to a Hollywood black tie galla.  And Estella Warren's invitation to a black tie galla makes all the difference in the world because she no longer needs to work minimum wage ever again.

Being famous means that Estella Warren can pose for the cameras...

 ...While holding lots of really fun stuff...

 ...And signing lots and lots of autographs.

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