Sunday, April 21, 2013


All play and no work makes Billie Piper a very happy girl.   A full day of rest and relaxation is very satisfying for rock star and actress Billie Piper.  And after two years of helping Doctor Who fight Daleks and Cybermen, she chose not to be stranded in an alternate reality and chose to skip yet another battle against both the Daleks and the Cybermen for a wild night of going to rock concerts, performing rock concerts, eating out at restaurants, hanging out in museums and other enjoyable activities that makes Billie Piper a very happy girl.   And when Billie Piper is happy, the entire world is also very very very happy.

Helping Doctor Who fight against the Daleks and the Cybermen can be exhausting work.  And when Billie Piper (Who plays Rose Tyler on Doctor Who) isn't helping Doctor Who fight crime alongside Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, Billie Piper is going swimming and catching some rays in her swim suit alongside the swimming pool.  The English born rock star and actress was born under the name Leian Paul Piper and chose Billie Piper as her stage name.  And after spending years, months, weeks, days and hours inside the Tardis, a girl could use a little bit of rest and relaxation every now and then.

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