Sunday, April 14, 2013


Night has fallen across the sky.  Night has fallen across the city.  Daytime is gone now, but it will return again within a few hours.  Until then, the Gentle Reader and I shall enjoy the night.  The Gentle Reader and I shall take comfort in the night.  And what of the prophesies?  I always have viewed the future as a blank empty page waiting to be filled.  What happens in life isn't predestined, but is a choice of the own making of the Gentle Reader and I.  And it's too late in the evening for the Gentle Reader and I to worry about if the Gentle Reader and I has a positive predestination or a negative predestination.  Well it goes without saying that everybody wants a positive predestination and only an idiot would want a negative predestination.  At any rate, it's evening and it's nearly time for bed.  Morning and breakfast is only a few hours from now and I want to be fully rested when morning returns again.
And as I'm lost in thought about predestinatio and the motion picture industry, here are some photos of film and television actress Alicia Witt.

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