Thursday, April 4, 2013


Gentle Reader, never forget to put trash in the trash can.  Don't forget to put the trash into trash bags.  And don't forget to put the trash on the curb on trash collection days.  For those who leave garbage in the house may be forgiven by GOD if they walk in the light of GOD's love, but they still need to throw their garbage into the trash can.  Because trash cans are built only for the purpose for trash collection.  Yes, the Gentle Reader can use trash cans for other purposes too.  However, the Gentle Reader must never forget the biggest reason for a trash can is to be used for trash collection and disposal.  And for that reason alone, trash cans and trash dumpsters must be respected.
And as I'm lost in thought about garbage collection and disposal, here are some photos of actress Tiffani Thiessen.

 Tiffani Thiessen needed a reminder that it's her turn to take the trash from the trash can and into the trash dumpter.  Thankfully, she rembered to use the right trash bags for her trash collection needs.  Always use Glad Trash Bags for all your trash collecting needs.  Trash looks better when it's being transported and disposed of in Glad Trash Bags.

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