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Ok, most of her albums is either out of print or available only as MP3.  However, I'm including her in my list of rock stars of noteworthy merit only because I enjoy watching her as a series regular cast member of the television show One Tree Hill.   Bethany Joy Lenz aka Joie Lenz aka Bethany Joy Galeotti was born in Hollywood, Florida on April 2, 1981.  Born without siblings, she's the daughter of a therapist and history teacher named Robert George Lenz and a entrepreneur and personell manager businesswoman named Catharine Malcolm Holt Shepard.  Her grandfather, also named George Lenz, was a broadway actor who did most of his notworthy accomplishments in the 1950's.  She's a mixture of Scottish, German,  Irish and Austrelian nationality origin.  Her family relocated to Arlington, Texas when she was seven years old.  It was while living in Arlington, Texas that she attended both Pope Elementary and The Creative Arts Theater and School.  It wasn't known if she ever  attended both Junior High and High School because she was off to Los Angelas for a career as an actress. 
Her first acting jobs was in doing television commercials.  Her breakthrough came in the daytime soap opera Guiding Light with a nine (9) episode guest star job as Dolly---The evil clone of Reva Shayne who took over her life while the real Reva Shayne was busy time traveling after nearly dying (And getting a fake funeral) while drving off a bridge.  I mean, the real Reva Shayne drove off a bridge and nearly died, time traveled while getting a fake funeral while Bethany Joy Lenz as her evil teenage clone Dolly took over her life.  The Middle Aged actual Reva Shayne returned from time travel to defeat and destroy her evil teenage clone.  And it only took nine (9) episodes for all that to take place from start to finish.
And despite looking like Reva Shayne's evil clone Dolly, Bethany Joy Lenz returned to Guiding Light as Michelle Bauer Santos #3 between 1998-2000.  Rachel Miner was Michelle Bauer Santos #1 from 1990-1995.  Rebecca Jo Budig was Michelle Bauer Santos #2 from 1995-1998.  Bethany Joy Lenz was Michelle Bauer Santos #3 from 1998-2000.  Nancy St. Alban was Michelle Bauer Santos #4 from 2000-2005; 2009.  Guiding Light started out as a radio show in 1937 and it was canceled in 2009. 
Bethany Joy had guest appearances in the Charmed episode A Knight to Remember as Lady Julia and in Felicity episode Ooops...Noel Did It Again as Gretchen (Both attributed to one of her three professional names Joie Lenz.  However, it was her cast member appearance in all nine seasons of One Tree Hill as  Haley James Scott (maiden name Haley Bob James) that really got her launched as a big name actress.  And though her albums are hard to find collectors items or available as MP-3, Bethany Joy Lenz aka Joie Lenz aka Bethany Joy Galeotti continues to find employment as an actress.

Everly is a collaboration between Bethany Joy Lenz and Amber Sweeney





Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton (He was a One Tree Hill recurring guest star in seasons 2, 3, and 4 and a series regular cast member in season 9.  He played the marriage wrecking villain to tempted Haley James to adultry over and over again).

 Bethany Joy Galeotti and Grace Potter

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