Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm looking out of the window.  What do I see?  The sky is blue.  No clouds in sight.  The grass is green.  No snow in sight.  The temperature is cold, but it's slowly getting warmer.  No Summer in sight.  The trees are bare.  No leaves has grown yet.  Cars are driving down the road behind the backyard.  Civilization still stands.  And that's what I see when I look outside of the window.  Soon, I'll make myself a brown bag lunch.  And then I'll need to take the pet dogs Furby the Furball and Elaina Baina out for a walk.  As for me, I'm wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt.  I normally walk barefoot in the house (Do do wear bedroom slippers too if needed).  I only wear shoes when visitors are around, but I normally prefer to either wear bedroom slippers or walk around barefoot.  Soon I'll go for a walk to the public library.  The public library is a fun place to hang out.
And as I'm lost in thought about spaghetti, here are some photos of Bethany Joy Lenz who changed her name to Bethany Joy Galeotti when she married Michael Galeotti.  Bethany Joy Lenz aka Bethany Joy Galeotti is a rock star who also found employment as an actress in films and television such as One Tree Hill (Where she plays  Haley James Scott (Maiden name Haley Bob James).  Bethany Joy isn't named Haley in the real world, but she plays a woman named Haley on television. And I'm pretty certain that Bethany has the same basketball playing skills that Haley James Scott has.




 Bethany Joy Lenz and Lauren Mayhew

 Lauren Mayhew

Bethany Joy Lenz aka Bethany Joy Galeotti


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