Friday, April 5, 2013


Is it a good idea to bring dinosaurs back to life.  I mean, a dead Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur meat can feed an entire village in Uganda.  However, a living Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur could end up eating an entire village in Uganda.  So it's between solving the problem of famine in Africa by
1.  Bringing back dinosaurs, slicing them apart in meat processing plants and shipping them off to Africa as food
2.  Solving the problem of famine in Africa by having dinosaurs to eating entire villages in Africa (Nobody's dying of famine if they've been all eaten by dinosaurs). 
However, genocide by dinosaur attack is both a crude and clumsy way of going about it.  And in the end, the film Jurassic Park has proven that a petting zoo filled only with dinosaurs is a really bad idea.  Besides, poor Tokyo, Japan has enough problems with fictional dinosaur attacks.  We don't want the actual city of Tokyo, Japan to be attacked by an actual Godzilla monster for real.
And as I'm lost in thought about dinosaurs, here are some photos of actress and comedian Sarah Silverman.

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