Monday, April 8, 2013


For those who are concerned about car exhaust contributing to the Greenhouse Effect, there is an alternative available.  The 100% electric Nissan LEAF requires no gasoline.  Yeah, the electric power plant that's needed to power up the Nissan LEAF does crank out Greenhouse Effect gasses, but it's lowers the amount of such Greenhouse Effect gasses.  And yeah, you'll need to plug it in and there isn't much electric sockets available---Yet.  Still, despite all that, rock stars Sarah Darling and Katie Armiger are willing to give the Nissan LEAF a try. 

Deeply impressed by this great new automobile that's safe for the environment that uses no gasoline because it's 100% electric, Sarah Darling needed a closer look at her great new Nissan LEAF automobile that she's going to drive around town for the rest of her natural life with a huge smile.

Katie Armiger also wants to examine her brand new 100% electric, safe for the environment Nissan LEAF in greater detail.  Her enthusiasm for 100% electric cars grows.  The more she looks at her brand new 100% electric safe for the environment Nissan LEAF, the more she's glad she owns one.

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